Integration options

Avenue makes a number of integration options possible. Read more about some of the most important integrations available to you below.

Pronto Avenue MailChimp Connector

You can easily connect your store on the Pronto platform to a new or existing MailChimp account. This provides you with the tools you need to maximise your email marketing and trigger emails based on user behaviour. It helps you to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy.

Avenue’s MailChimp integration features include:

  • Ensuring email marketing data is in sync. Link subscribers from Pronto Point of Sale (POS), your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and Avenue.
  • Linking Pronto CRM campaigns to a targeted list.
  • Product recommendations based on purchase history.
  • Personalised recommendations based on purchasing patterns.
  • Abandoned cart automated email workflows.

There are many benefits to integrating MailChimp with the Avenue platform. Doing so allows:

  • Ecommerce data to automatically sync with MailChimp.
  • You to run targeted and automated email campaigns that are driven by the ecommerce data. This enables you to send emails to users who have purchased specific products online.
  • For the sending of user specific product recommendation emails, created by the correlations made from existing online sales data
  • You to lessen profits lost due to abandoned shopping carts. Send highly customisable follow-up emails to any customers who have products sitting in their shopping carts but who are yet to complete their purchase via your store.
  • Users to easily generate detailed reports, providing you with feedback and information on marketing campaigns performance.

Promotions pages

There are certain elements that separate a successful ecommerce business from one that needs improvement. Promotions pages are one of the most vital components of a successful ecommerce website. Avenue helps you to take your promotions to the next level by linking your promotions pages to the Pronto Xi Promotion Engine. This powerful rule-based engine manages all of the key aspects of promotional activities and is suitable for both retailers and wholesalers.

Avenue’s promotions pages integration features include:

  • Synchronisation with Pronto Xi promotions, linked to the Pronto Xi promotions engine.
  • The ability to easily create promotions on a platform that makes it easy for you to market and promote your offers
  • Automated product loading with any products linked to a promotion, automatically applied to the promotion pages.
  • Campaign based Landing Pages that link and tie into your email campaigns and advertisements, allowing for consistent messaging.
  • Links to on-site messaging, creating a destination for the Call to Action in the site header and homepage slider and blog posts.

How Avenue helps you to drive your promotion pages:

  • You can easily create landing pages for active promotions that include image and text based content for every active promotion.
  • Automatically generate an admin console whenever a promotion is created. Once activated in Pronto Xi, a new page in the Avenue admin console appears instantly.
  • It allows for promotional products to be automatically assigned. Products are then sent to the promotions page.
  • Embedded links to product pages are easy to insert so that when a user clicks on a product from the promotions page, they’re taken to a product page. From there, they can easily add the item to their cart with minimal effort.
  • Promotions are easy to publish and ready to promote. Once published, you can easily link any necessary Call to Action messages across the site.

Coupon Automation

Targeted coupons are a great way to drive sales. You can encourage customers back to your website effortlessly with automated discount coupons. When you successfully target user behaviour, you’re capitalising on the opportunity to reclaim missed sales or increase cart sizes in order to maximise conversion rates.

Avenue’s coupon automation integration features allow you to:

  • Create an unlimited number of coupons
  • Select how long your marketing activity will run. Specify an exact date and time of coupon activity.
  • Take full control and set coupon validation periods. You can disable them as required.
  • Target a specific order status. This sees you specifying an order status to activate a coupon.
  • Use the tools that create urgency as you can specify the total number of coupons and limit the number of coupons, which can be used.
  • Customise coupon emails. Personalise any coupon emails you’re sending easily by inserting images, variables and content.
  • Automatically add valid coupons to a cart. A coupon for every validated order can be instantly added at the checkout.

Benefits of coupon automation include:

  • Automation - rules are set-up within Avenue to trigger the creation and emailing of coupons.
  • An increase in profits - you can strategically provide coupons to users in return for meeting the goals you choose.
  • Its simplicity and ease to use - choose from the available coupon rules in Pronto Xi, fill in the blanks and your coupons are ready to go!
  • You can easily track coupon conversions. All coupons claimed online flow through directly to the coupon system in Pronto Xi.
  • Countless choices are on-hand with several different coupon types available.
  • Easily reactivating lost opportunities and recapturing lapsed users by offering incentive to return to the site.
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