Avenue's Digital Catalogue

Pronto’s online digital catalogue builder allows Avenue customers to create their very own digital catalogue. This enables customers to shop, search and browse through your products on any device.

Avenue’s Digital Catalogue features allows:

  • Sales teams to edit catalogues easily and on the go - once a company’s Marketing department builds the template catalogues, they can then be easily edited and modified by sales staff as they visit and speak to customers on the go.
  • Direct links to be created back to your online story - this platform allows you to generate PDFs with included products automatically linking back to your online store, where customers can make their purchase.
  • Full integration - all digital catalogue pricing and inventory data is linked to your Pronto Xi Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software’s records, ensuring critical information is always up-to-date
  • Your company to be more cost-effective and productive - digital catalogues reduce the need for printed catalogues, saving time, money and eliminating the risk of print errors and the potential need for print re-runs
  • You to create an unlimited number of catalogues - there is no limit on the number of catalogues you can create, build and release online with your monthly subscription
  • Your branding to be consistent - thanks to a pre-defined catalogue layout, any catalogue you create ensures a catalogue’s layout and branding is the same across all versions and copies
  • Customers to search easily - this ensures your customers can search via a specific keyword or product quickly and easily
  • For customer specific pricing - your team can set and adjust online catalogue access and pricing for specific debtors
  • You to easily monitor pricing - because your pricing stems from your ERP, you’re able to make sure all catalogues have updated pricing
  • Related products to be linked - easily display content and then link that content with other related products

Our team at Pronto has designed Avenue with efficiency and customer experience in mind. Our digital online catalogue also allows for easy set-up. We’ve outlined how simple it is below:

  1. Share relevant inventory assets from your ecommerce solution – share photos, product descriptions, and technical specifications to retain a consistent product message
  2. Look at the number of products involved - decide how many products you need to display per page
  3. Move onto the product order - choose which products to feature on which page
  4. Adjust the page order - drag and drop the relevant pages as required so that you order your catalogue

After expressing interest in implementing the online digital catalogue builder, our team will work alongside you to review your specific needs. We’ll devise a solution that is easy to use and can be configured to operate with your existing data.

As far as hosting goes, you can choose a standalone solution or opt to implement this as part of your existing Avenue ecommerce solution.

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