Avenue: ecommerce + everything

Thanks to Avenue, a fully integrated ecommerce solution, siloed ecommerce platforms are a thing of the past.

Avenue is an ecommerce solution that ticks every box and has all of your in-house business processes covered. At Pronto, we understand that ecommerce isn’t just a part of your business, it is your business. As suchAvenue is designed to be fully integrated into existing business systems. On face value, Avenue may appear similar to other ecommerce platforms, however, when you dig deeper, you’ll soon learn that Avenue arms your business with the tools it needs to maximise efficiency and your bottom line.

Other ecommerce platforms require the integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms. While this is possible using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), the complexities of integrating two completely different systems will always be a factor.

Pronto focuses on building the omni-channel experience for your customers and staff so that all key business processes can be completed efficiently and are implemented as close to real time online, as is possible.

Our commitment to the omni-channel experience sees us focusing on the following key areas of your business:

  • Products and pricing - ensuring you only have to add key product information and pricing once for inventory purposes
  • Promotions – setting up promotions so that they can be scheduled in the system in advance. Once live, they should automatically appear online and in-store or in the case of online exclusives, target relevant promotions
  • Ordering consistency – we make sure that all customers, both in-store and online, have the same quality shopping experience
  • Account tools – we arm your accountant with the tools required to easily understand how online sales and online discounts impact your gross margin

When assessing the performance of your current ecommerce solution, consider whether it seamlessly performs all of the above functions that ultimately, help you to maximise your bottom line.

Avenue brings a level of sophistication to ecommerce that’s never been seen before. It makes life easier for everyone - from those in your organisation to your customers. In turn, this contributes to better overall business results. Avenue’s position as a key component in the wider Pronto-Xi suite ensures that its consistency is maintained across all aspects of the sales process as the rules that drive the rest of the sales pipeline, also apply to the ecommerce platform. From a user experience perspective, this means customers are provided with a consistent sales experience regardless of whether they’re interacting with a brand in-store, online or over the phone.

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