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Miracle Sealants

See below for product data sheets and safety data sheets for our Miracle Sealants range:

Product Description PDF
Product Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
511 Anti-Slip
511 H20 Plus
511 Impregnator
511 Seal and Enhance
511 Kleen and Reseal
511 Porous Plus
511 Spray-On Grout Sealer
Counter Kleen
Epoxy Grout Film Remover
Finish Sealer Stripper
Grout Pen
Grout Sealer
Grout Shield
Haze B Gone
Heavy Duty Acid Cleaner
High Gloss Finish Sealer
Limestone-Travertine Stone Soap
Liquid Poultice Part A
Liquid Poultice Part B
Matte Finish Sealer
Mira Dust
Mira Hone
Mira Matte
Miracle Heavy Duty Cleaner (Non Acid)
Phosphoric Acid Cleaner
Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Cleaner
Poultice Plus
Residue Remover
Stone Polish
Tile and Stone Cleaner
Tile Restor
Tile, Stone and Grout Sealer
Water Ring and Etch Remover